HIFEM treatment is an ideal option for women and men, of any age, with weakened pelvic floor muscles and/or experience bladder leaks or overactive bladder.

Our registered healthcare professional completes assessments based on your needs. The assessments are non-invasive, and you remain fully clothed.

Our registered healthcare professional sets you up on the Emcella chair and you relax for the duration of the treatment. You can read a book, watch Netflix or just enjoy some well-deserved me time.

Typical treatment is 28 minutes each time, twice a week for three weeks. Each treatment sessions is equivalent to doing 70 hours of Kegel exercise so we recommend 2-3 days in between each treatment to allow your pelvic muscles to recover from the intense workout.

The HIFEM treatment is not painful. You experience tingling and contraction through your pelvic floor muscles during each session. Some describe it as doing very strong Kegel exercises effortlessly.

Yes! HIFEM treatment through the Emsella chair is approved by both the FDA and Health Canada.

Unfortunately, the treatment is not covered by OHIP at this time.

It depends on the services covered by your extended health benefits. Please contact us for a free consultation and we can review how to claim your HIFEM treatment can be claimed through your extended health benefits or your health spending account.

Treatment Location

383 Main St N #7
Markham, Ontario  L3P 1Z3
(905) 201-8005

Located in Sherlaise Clinic in Markham