Take control of your body
Strenghten your pelvic floor and
relieve symptoms of urinary incontinence.
reduce bladder leaks.
reduce night time urination.
reduce urinary urgency and accidents.
improve sexual function.
reduce urinary frequency.
95% Success Rate
Treats The Entire Pelvic Floor
Walk-in Walk-Out Procedure
Remain Fully Clothed
Renew PAC provides

Pelvic floor therapy in combination with High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) treatment.

What is HIFEM treatment?

You basically sit in a chair and enjoy some time to yourself for 28 minutes while 11,000 Kegel are being done for you.

Am I a candidate

Is HIFEM right for me?

If you responded YES to any of these questions, then this may be the solution.

Treatment Plans

Treatment Plan
28 minutes in duration
Fully clothed
HIFEM contracts your pelvic floor muscle
Painless and non-invasive
Treatment booked twice a week for 3 weeks
Follow up treatments recommended every 4 months
Initial Treatment Includes 6 HIFEM treatments
Follow Up Treatment Cost Per Treatment
Call (905) 201-8005 for pricing and insurance coverage details.